Parents with learning disabilities are far more likely to have children removed from their care, than most parents are. We advocate for parents who have a learning disability. The number of referrals for this area of our work has grown year on year. The majority of these cases concern families where the children are under a care order, in foster care or going through the adoption process. It often involves supporting parents in court, as well as in Child Protection meetings. This can be a stressful and bewildering time for parents; our dedicated advocates are there to help them understand the process and their rights.

The advocate will:

  • help to ensure, through information sharing with professionals, that the parents get the most appropriate assessment of their parenting capacity. For example promoting the use of the Parenting Assessment Manual (PAMs) which is specifically designed with parents with learning disabilities in mind.
  • help parents to navigate the range of different services involved and liaise between them.
  • help parents to instruct and understand solicitors.
  • help with contact visits and child arrangement orders.


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