Watchdog is a user led group made up of people with learning disabilities. Some of the members have personal experience of having an advocate. Watchdog meets once a week and the group is facilitated by volunteers and staff at Choice Advocacy. They work on a range of projects including:

  • Questionnaires for advocacy partners to complete after their work with an advocate has finished
  • Overseeing the work the advocates do
  • Producing Easy Read information about advocacy
  • Taking part in the recruitment process

Two Watchdog members are also on our Board of Trustees.


Watchdog Members:

Tommy Redgrift

Volunteer for Watchdog since 2004 and Trustee on the Board   

I am a Trustee on the Board and attend all the meetings. I am also a Watchdog member and help support other members using the laptop. I was on the Board at Bradford People First and I do travel training for Bradford Council, helping people with disabilities to become independent users of public transport. After I left Bradford People First I decided to use my skills at Choice Advocacy. I have learnt about where to find funding and who can help fund Choice Advocacy. I like supporting people who want my support. The advocates are good at the job they do.

Ann Jerrison

Volunteer for Watchdog since 2005 and Trustee on the Board                                 

I attend the Board meetings to make sure people with learning disabilities are represented. I help run the Watchdog group by filling in the volunteer forms and doing fundraising. I have been a member of Watchdog for a number of years and I wanted to make sure the group is properly supported by Choice Advocacy. I have learnt that advocacy can be fun as well as dealing with serious issues. Choice Advocacy is there to help people like me. My main interest, other than Choice, is animal care – I have a cat that I care for. I also volunteer at the Cancer Research shop and used to go to Shipley College for reading and writing. I enjoy knitting and watching Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Midsomer Murders.

Trish Mahoney

Volunteer since 2010

I am a Watchdog group member. At the beginning we talk about ground rules and then we work on evaluation and monitoring. I make sure we have milk for our tea break. I am a regular fund raiser and the main organiser of our Christmas Tombola and I sell the raffle tickets. I heard about Watchdog through someone I know and wanted to see it for myself. I enjoy coming because we have a laugh. I learnt about monitoring and evaluation and using the computer. The advocates are good at doing their job right.

Neil Armitage

Volunteer since 2010

I am a member of the Watchdog group. We talk about monitoring and evaluation and ground rules. We work on the laptop as well and I learnt how to put pictures on the computer for some of the monitoring and evaluation work. I like Choice Advocacy.

I worked at the Salvation Army in Keighley, making sure all areas of the kitchen are clean and tidy, including aprons and kitchen towels. I also steam clean the clothes.

At home I like watching comedies especially Dad’s Army.


Sajida Ali

Volunteer support worker for Watchdog since 2015

I started working for Watchdog in January 2015. Watchdog runs on Wednesday mornings; I help the members with their work. I enjoyed assisting the group to look at the Health and Safety policy and the ground rules. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and hope to continue to do so. I am a highly motivated individual. I have a good educational background with a degree in legal studies. I had a break for 6 years while I brought up my two children.

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