Choice Advocacy was originally set up in 2004 to provide crisis advocacy for adults with learning disabilities. Over the years we have expanded our remit to include the provision of IMCAs (Independent Mental Capacity Advocates) and IMHAs (Independent Mental Health Advocates).

Our IMCAs work with adults with learning disabilities who lack capacity to make a specific decision (and have no suitable person to support them) regarding:

  • Serious medical treatment
  • Long term move
  • Safeguarding issues
  • Care planning
  • DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty)

The IMCAs also work on behalf of patients who are unconscious or suffering from head injuries.

More information on the IMCA page.

Our IMHAs work with adults with learning disabilities who are patients in an assessment and treatment unit; some people will be there voluntarily and others will be detained under a Section.

More information on the IMHA page.

We have an ICAT service (Independent Complaints Advocacy Team) which is jointly run with BAMHAG (Bradford and Airedale Mental Health Advocacy Group). Our ICAT advocate works with anyone wishing to pursue a complaint regarding their care and treatment from NHS. This is not restricted to adults with learning disabilities.

More information on the ICAT page.

The relationship between the advocate and the person they work with is one of partnership and equal standing. Therefore we do not refer to people as clients or service users. The term we adopt is advocacy partner.

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